Koen Peeters, Sales Manager Smith Medical Belgium.

“Michel sees to it that subjects are developed and made easier to grasp in the context of a passionate and enthusiastic approach. His interactive seminars on commercial and interpersonal skills dovetail nicely with our environment and our requirements. Our sales team today is far more able to understand client needs and to respond to them. We have grown together and we are a stronger team now.”

Eric de Leeuw, Inspector Urbanism, Community of Schaerbeek.

“I used to anticipate a tense attitude from site supervisors by being tense myself. I learned to approach them with a different mindset. Today I have better and more impactful relationships from the first contact.”

Bakary Sékou Coulibaly, IFAD Country Programme Officer, Mali.

“Through the workshop for pooling leadership experience, I got to know myself better through the various exercises, such as the 4-colour model. These exercises enabled me to better understand my interrelationships with the teams that are under my management for the programme of work. They also allowed me to identify those behavioural aspects of a Leader needing to be developed further. On this basis, I prepared an action plan to improve these interrelationships. The implementation of this plan began on my return to Mali with the organisation of monthly meetings. Ultimately, I was particularly struck by the assurance with which Michel was able to illustrate the theoretical concepts/key messages of the seminar using very concrete examples.”

Hedwig Vanvaerenbergh, Directeur Academie Woord, Muziek en Dans, Mortsel.

“Myriam Mulder is the driving force behind the thriving theatre department of the Academy of Music, Word and Dance in Mortsel. With her professionalism and psychological insight, she manages to get the best out of her students. The student learns to know himself, both individually and in group settings, in a different, enriching way and obtains great results.”

Thomas Steeg, Director, HR Animal Health, Merck Germany

“Michel was here at our site to deliver a corporate wide program to employees from all over Germany sites. As an external consultant he provided us learning points with extreme professionalism and in a manner as if he was with our company for a long time. I appreciate his industrial experience and the way he brings this into workshops so that participants develop new insights and start their own development.”

Marnix Denys, Managing Director beMedTech Belgium

“In my capacity as director of beMedTech, the Belgian Federation of the Medical Technology Industry, I am extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Michel Zellien of Zeagle. Following a strategic exercise, the federation now has a more pronounced vision and a different strategy. Michel is helping me to get the team (9 people) to adapt to the change. With in-depth workshops, based on Insights Discovery among other things, and thanks to his approach and input, we have seen mutual trust develop. This has resulted in open dialogue, enhanced cooperation and futher development of individual competences. This process will require continued efforts, but because it is supported by the entire team, the first year of the collaboration has already proved very promising.”

Annie Dubois, Human Resources Business Partners, Merck Canada Inc.

“I salute the great professionalism, relevance and friendliness of the training officer Michel Zellien. He is very effective in the way he goes about sharing his experience in leadership with us”.

Suzanne Hartmann, pediatrician, Franciscus Hospital Roosendael.

"Michel Zellien dares to challenge participants. His course topics, engaging assignments and constructive feedback (e.g. through video recordings) are inspiring."

Aboubacar Ouattara, Coordonnateur National PASPRU, Burkina Faso.

“Michel Zellien took into consideration my concerns and helped me to overcome them using his practical, relaxed and friendly method. This enabled me to learn a great deal in very little time. In a word, I have acquired some simple, effective and concrete tools which have significantly improved my people management. The impact can be seen in the results of the Development Programme that I direct."

Christian Devos, Director of the Cathedral, Antwerp, Belgium

“The Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady is the icon of the city of Antwerp. Some 30 professionals work there to care for the building and keep it open for visitors. Our management team took part in the seminar on ‘Interpersonal and team effectiveness' supervised by Michel. Since then, mutual communication and understanding have improved a lot! We also learned a number of leadership and coaching styles. In a professional yet informal way, and using his great sense of humour, Michel helped us create an (even) more inspiring working climate in which work is a pleasure and we get things done!
We are happy to continue our journey with Michel!"